Reasons to Convert Your Loft: Living Space ‘More Useful Than Storage’

Homeowners still on the fence about investing in a loft conversion for their West London property are encouraged to consider how they use their house and to remember that living space is more useful to the modern household than storage.

The Somerset County Gazette reports that not only does a loft conversion add value and make it more sellable, but it makes everyday life a little easier if the family home is already feeling crowded.

Loft conversions needn’t be seen just as an office or den space, in fact, they have enough room to become a master or guest suite with its own bathroom should the householder wish to make the investment.

And loft conversions needn’t come with eye-watering price tags, as a simple skylight will not change the line of the roof. In cases where the roof’s structure has to be altered, the cost can go up, which is an important consideration when budgeting such a big project.

For a loft to be suitable for conversion, the main area of the loft should be 2.3 m high and a steeper roof pitch is favourable. If a roof structure alteration cannot bring much more height and space, instead consider lowering the ceilings on the floor below as a way around the problem.

If you are seeking financing options for a loft conversion, mortgage broker John Charcol recently advised in the Guardian that an unsecured personal loan is ideal for homeowners with good credit looking to borrow up to £25,000.

If you need more than this, a remortgage or advance from your lender may be a better route to go down.