Top Trends In Bathroom Design Revealed

If you’re looking for some help to renovate the bathroom in your Chelsea home, you may not be alone, with new research showing that 90 per cent of us call in professional help when redesigning a bathroom.

The UK Bathroom Trends report from Houzz also looked at what changes we make when renovating this space in our homes, as well as what our top design priorities are.

Researchers questioned people who had renovated their bathrooms in the past 12 months, are currently renovating their bathrooms, or who plan to do so in the next three months.

When it comes to the changes we’re most likely to make, 72 per cent of those who upgraded their showers said that they also increased the size of the cubicle, while 87 per cent of people who replaced their sinks decided to have a double sink configuration.

The most important design priority was to have a “stylish and beautiful” bathroom, the research found, with 77 per cent of those surveyed claiming this was their aim.

51 per cent of those questioned also said they want the bathroom to reflect their style, and a further 36 per cent said they were looking for anything that adds resale value.

Earlier this year, Ideal Home revealed that one of the best quick fixes for a bathroom that adds value to the home is to replace the tiles.

The publication cited research by, which noted that 76 per cent of industry experts said that this simple alteration would add the most value, with 70 per cent stating that electric and power showers are also a good thing to include in your revamp.