Wallpaper Is Making A Comeback

People with the best loft conversions Chelsea has to offer know that wallpaper is making a comeback.

So popular are wallpapers right now that even paint companies, such as Farrow and Ball are cashing in on the trend and developing and selling wallpapers.

It is out with the muted neutrals their parents may have covered the walls of their 90s do’er up’er with, and in with bold wallpapers that pick up many of the most recent trends in interior design.

These wallpapers are bold and brash and favourites include metallic touches (in copper or rose gold of course) and big floral motifs.

Strong palates in jewel colours are a must too: this is not the time for pastels. Dark opulent colours are proving popular, with people opting for them in warm, moody rooms and matching them with dark wood and opulent fabrics.

Many are suggesting that the trend is due to millennials being forced into smaller spaces and needing to make more of a statement with their interior design in order to make it their own.

“At the moment we’re seeing a move away from the clean, minimal interiors that were so popular a decade ago – today people would like their homes to be much more personal, reflecting individual tastes and interests rather than a ‘one style suits all’ approach,” says Charlotte Cosby of Farrow and Ball.

She says she likes strong, bold, geometric styles to keep things fresh.

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